Hired Guns: The Jagged Edge Preview

Gamesquad has cranked out a two-page preview of Game Factory Interactive’s upcoming Jagged Alliance-inspired tactical RPG, Hired Guns: The Jagged Edge.

Initiative on turns vary. If the squad spots the enemy first or if the enemy is stupid enough to ask for identification, the player can move first. Otherwise, the lead comes from the other side first. Such occurrences are especially bad coming from unsighted foes. Many combat options are available through the aforesaid buttons. Fire can come in single shots or burst; maximum aiming can be had by using many action points; weapons can be switched by right clicking on an icon. Selecting a target is a matter of turning the cursor into a gun sight over a target. Players can auto-sight an enemy’s torso or choose the head or a limb by clicking on a body diagram or using a hotkey. The number of shots per trooper is a function of action points and ammunition available. Watching rival units clobber each other from the grandstand is particularly enjoyable. Damage will be displayed in text.

Enemy fire is as dangerous only as the quality of the men firing and which of the three skill levels the player chose. Gunfire is shown by simple yellow streaks with a sharp cracking noise. Explosions look and sound truly impressive and rearrange the landscape. Trained troops can be deadly but even bad grunts can wreak havoc with a grenade or other explosives. Not every one is coming out of this game alive!

As fun as the slaughter is, Hired Guns is more than a simple shoot-em up. Squads can encounter characters who simply want to talk. Going into dialog mode brings up a number of responses. The right answer can change the entire complexion of play. Valuable information can be gained or new enemies made. Mercs being what they are, the right offer may make the player wonder if he has the right employer. Yet, the money from accomplished missions is very good.

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