Hinterland Review

The Hinterland review stream has been more of a trickle, as Crispy Gamer is only the second website to review the game. They give it a score of “try it” (their midway score between fry it and buy it):

Hinterland’s appeal relies on liberal use of the randomization options. If you have “all resources” activated, then there really isn’t much challenge or variation between sessions. Once you randomize your world, though, things get interesting. If you have no herbs in your area, you can’t get a doctor. That means healing potions will be few and far between. No iron means that you will have to rely on loot drops for better-than-average weapons. The environment becomes a major constraint on the number of tools at your disposal. There is always the possibility that the necessary resources are out there, but are guarded by major enemies. Onward to glory, and better luck next time.

And, with the large number of possible character profiles, from courtesan to goblin collaborator to knight, every game is slightly different. There is enough difference to force you to explore new strategies (archers, mages or fighters?) but enough similarity to keep the game light and engaging. It’s neither as gripping nor demanding as the ASCII hit Slaves to Armok II: Dwarf Fortress, but it’s a lot easier to understand.

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