Hard West II – Beta Branch Now Open

A recent update for Ice Code Games’ supernatural Western Hard West II has apparently introduced some loading time issues for a number of players. And in order to prevent something like this from happening again, the developers now invite us to join the beta branch where we’ll be able to test their updates before they go live.

Here’s more on that:

Howdy again all,

Hopefully, you enjoyed our last update; THANK YOU AGAIN! We wanted to follow up as some players reported issues of longer loading times. For some, this simply caused extended loading times; for others crashes or incrementally increasing load times as you play longer in Hard West 2. We know this is impacting your gameplay experience and we want to address it as soon as humanly possible.

For this reason, we’re opening a Beta Branch in Steam for those affected. This branch does not contain ALL the content incoming for Patch 1 that addresses a rebalance and some quality of life issues + localization. Please keep in mind that this is a test build that’s meant to solve the issue as quickly as possible and has not been tested as thoroughly as we would an official full patch release. If you encounter any issues, please do let us know in the Steam thread here. However, this should solve the memory leak issue and get you playing happily again.

Here is what is coming in the FULL patch later in August. For those who would like to jump into the Beta branch rather than waiting until then, instructions are below[…]

To join the branch:

1) Launch Steam and open your Library. If you have Steam open, please restart it.

2) Right-click on Hard West 2 and go to properties

3) Go to the betas tab and choose Test Branch for Patch 1 Beta Build. There is no password.

Huge thanks again for all your support of the game and we sincerely apologize for this issue that might have made it less than ideal. We hear you, and are continuing to make Hard West 2 even better with your help and feedback.

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