Hand of Fate 2 “Goblins” Update Available

The recently announced free update for Defiant Development’s action-RPG/CCG hybrid Hand of Fate 2 that promised to add the shifty Goblin faction to the game has been released and is now available on Steam. Apart from the mischievous green-skinned foes and various goblin-related events and artefacts, the update also expands Hand of Fate 2’s endless mode and fixes some miscellaneous issues. Here’s a bit about the update:

The latest free update for Hand of Fate 2 is live, bringing with it a brand new enemy faction – Mischief, the goblin suit! No longer content with making merry in their underground cities, goblin hunting parties now roam the surface – their goals a mystery, their methods confounding!

The goblins can be found (and fought) throughout the core encounter deck, and all new goblin encounters can be unlocked from the Gnomish Exchange and Goblin Retainer cards. For folks wanting to tangle with their new foes as quickly as possible, these are the cards to add to your deck. Who knows, if you impress the right folks, you may be able to earn yourself a valuable goblin-vanquishing artefact!

Endless Mode also expands today, with a brand new goblin-centric adventure and new adventures for each of the enemy factions, in addition to a raft of bug fixes and balance improvements. So keep an eye on your possessions and watch your opponent’s hands closely – with the release of the Goblin Faction DLC, the Dealer is seeing green!

And the latest changelog:

  • Added Goblin Faction enemies.
  • Added two new Goblin Encounters.
  • Added new equipment and two equipment upgrades.
  • Added Goblin Faction Endless Adventures.
  • Updated Snare struggle input to support tapping Defend (note that the previous struggle input of ‘rapid movement/waggle stick’ is still valid. Struggle input UI can be toggled in the settings menu)
  • Updated the zoom level of the ‘view map’ camera and added ability to pan using movement/left stick inputs
  • Loading time optimisations.
  • Lots of graphics optimisations.
  • Option to remove hit pause.
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