Guild Wars Previews

With ArenaNet’s Guild Wars hitting store shelves in a few more days, these two previews may very well be the last we see. The first is at GameSpot, where they’ve profiled many of the game’s major areas:

Northern Shiverpeaks

Rising up more than 10,000 feet above sea level, the tops of the Shiverpeak Mountains are frozen year-round. There are only two known passes through the treacherous mountain peaks. The northern most of those, Borlis Pass, is currently held by a group of xenophobic dwarves who are not too keen about letting anyone cross over their territory. Enter the pass at your own risk.

And the second is at Next Level Gaming:

Guilds are collections of allies that work together for a common goal, all you need is five people and you can make your very own guild, or you can just try and join an existing guild all by yourself. A guild can make its own capes so that all that see you know which guild you are in, the only snag in its not cheap to create a cape, so make sure your guild has some cash. If your guild would like to own some land you will have to make a bit of a trip, for the starting area has no land available for sale, then when you get far enough out you will still have some serious cash.

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