Guild Wars Preview

GameSpot has put together a preview of Guild Wars, based upon some hands-on time with ArenaNet’s PVP-centric MMORPG. Here’s a snip to get you started:

There are two kinds of missions in the game: player versus player (PvP), where teams and guilds can battle each other in an arena, and player versus monster, which is part of the campaign game. ArenaNet cofounder Jeff Strain promises a story that’s similar to Starcraft, and considering the company’s background, it is certainly capable of delivering. This story is definitely going to be important in terms of a business model. In another surprise, publisher NCsoft and ArenaNet will not require a monthly subscription to play the game, as many online role-playing games do. Strain told us that they’re following Blizzard’s popular model, in which you pay once to purchase the game once and then all online gameplay is free. They do plan to issue a content pack every six months that you can buy. However, Strain made it clear that they will not punish you if you don’t purchase it and your friends do; you’ll still be able to play with them, though you won’t be able to experience the new content. But they’re certainly hoping players will choose to pay in order to continue the story.

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