Guild Wars Mini-Interview #44

ArenaNet has answered another small batch of questions about Guild Wars, and this time the interview is over at Guild Wars Bulgaria. Here’s a taste:

Q: Guild Wars focuses on creation of different guilds in terms of size and goals. Do you intend to add more guild features before the expansions, just to make the players feel more comfortable and to strengthen the guild community? Can you give us more details about changes that we can expect in the near future?

A: You can be sure that we’ll be adding more guild features before the next chapter. In fact, some of those things are on the drawing board for implementation soon. We are, after all, Guild Wars. 🙂

As for the future, you can expect a significant free live update in the coming weeks. This will be streamed to players in the form of two large explorable areas, with monsters, quests, the whole fine experience that you’ve had in other areas of Guild Wars. The areas are called Grenth’s Footprints and Sorrow’s Furnace. One will be primarily above ground, and the second will be below ground. The idea of another subterranean area is really super, because players are loving the interior locations in Guild Wars and I’m sure that many will agree that areas such as the Catacombs are simply breathtaking!

You may have seen the sneak peek movie that was released last week. If not, you can find it here: In this film, you’ve had a forewarning of this bleak and desolate region, and a hint of what is to be seen within the dark recesses of the mines themselves.

There were a lot of very surprised people at E3 when we first talked of this future update. I guess some people thought that we would release Guild Wars and then move on to the next chapter, leaving the first chapter as a static game. However, as we have always said, we intend to take full advantage of our streaming technology, and the live update that will bring you Sorrow’s Furnace and Grenth’s Footprints is just the first of several that will be given to Guild Wars players as a free extension of their purchase of the game.

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