Guild Wars Mini-Interview #43

ArenaNet has answered another small batch of questions about Guild Wars, and this time the interview is over at Here’s a taste:

Q: At the moment there are only two levels of members: “Officers” and “Members.” Some would like a better hierarchical organization, with various roles. How can ArenaNet help to define this organisation?

A: As you know, we are going to be offering a lot of enhancements to the game – new features, updates, changes, expanded content – through the free live updates that we send to you via streaming technology. In speaking with the design team, additional guild features are quite high on our list of the enhancements we would like to add.

Having played literally hundreds of different games, our team members are pretty knowledgeable about guild structures, and about the various levels and permissions that some games offer guilds or other types of groups. Some systems are pretty cool; some are so cumbersome you can’t really tell who is what. J At this point the Guild Wars system is simple in its function and easy to learn. That made it a good starting point for the release of the game. However, we agree that having more options would be really nice, and that’s definitely something we’ll be visiting in the near future.

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