Guild Wars Mini-Interview #41

ArenaNet has answered another small batch of questions about Guild Wars, this time releasing some select questions and answers about the final Beta Weekend Event. A snip:

Q: I take my Beta Weekend Events seriously. Are there any particular things we should report, to help the team?

A: Sure, always. This BWE might be called our polishing event. Aside from the brand new maps that are being presented in their newer form, and which we know might need a bit more refinement, we’re moving in on release (just 14 days and counting!) and we’d really like things to be just perfect on April 28th. Things are really in great shape, but in the event that you experience a bug or glitch, do take the time to hit /bug and report it. For instance, if you come across a pathing error, please stop, type /bug and write a brief description. You might say (I’m stuck on this spot (we can tell where you are from your report).) Or (The NPC’s have me trapped on this ledge) or (I just walked through a wall that I’m pretty sure is supposed to be solid) or (There’s a tiny bush that I’m having to walk around) (most small things don’t have collision, so you shouldn’t have to circumvent the smaller things). If you see a (disconnected) piece of art, type /bug and tell us (There’s a floating tree here) or (There is a tree branch sticking out through a rock.) If you find you have bugs of any type from equipping an item to combat to trading to chat please let us know.

Remember that we do read fan forum posts, so you’re welcome to report your findings on a bug thread in the forums. If you should get a crash, please fill out the pop-up form and provide us the best and most detailed info that you’re able to give. If you need in-game support, visit the Support button from and our trusty team members will assist you. And lastly, yes, we’ll always listen to your suggestions. After all, the game isn’t out yet, and we do have those new chapters to be thinking about as well!

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