Guild Wars Interview

The Guild Hall has conducted an interview with ArenaNet, asking the developers a few questions about their upcoming MMORPG, Guild Wars. Check it out:

Q: Are there any plans to give characters who choose not to dual-profession other benefits in order to have some ‘pure’ profession characters, or is the game play designed for everyone to be dual? How will dual Profession characters work, will we have to attain a certain level before picking up the secondary profession?

A: We have designed the profession system around the greater tactical diversity of dual-profession characters. However, since your attributes are specific to your chosen profession or professions, a character who focuses on one profession will be more proficient at that profession than a character who has chosen to divide his attribute points across multiple professions. You will have to achieve specific goals in the game before you will be able to start training a second profession. For example, you may have to complete a specific quest, or find a specific item. We want to make sure that you are comfortable with your primary profession before we add the challenge of a second.

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