Guild Wars E3 Preview

Gamer’s Pulse has put together a preview of Guild Wars, ArenaNet’s upcoming MMORPG that was on display in NCsoft’s section of the E3 floor. A snippet:

There are going to be hundreds of skills, close to 400 to be exact, that you will be able to choose from and the ones I saw were amazing. There are healing spells, but you have to be careful as they can target and heal your enemies as well. Also, I saw flaming arrow, multi arrow, bash, and a number of other ones. There were already hundreds. A part of the game that Mike was excited about was that the creatures use skills as well. From what I gathered the creatures will be just like another character so if you are level 20 and you come upon a level 20 giant mountain troll, then you will need to use your skills to win. If you try to just go blow for blow you will have a 50% chance of winning. This makes you use your skills to take him down; however, he will have skills that he will be using against you as well.

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