Grimshade Live on Kickstarter, $22,738 and Counting

It seems that when it rains, it pours with crowdfunded RPGs. We recently started following Black Geyser and Stoneshard, with Spiderweb Software’s next project going live soon as well. And now, we also have Talerock Studio’s Grimshade enter the ring, so to speak. Described as a story-driven RPG with tactical battles set in a fantasy world, the project seeks $100,000 in initial funding, with stretch goals going up as high as $1m. To give you a better idea of what Grimshade actually is, here’s its vibrant Kickstarter trailer:

And an overview of the game’s key features:

The gravest fears arise from the dark of the shadow

Eighteen months ago, the Talerock studio with its 21 gaming industry specialists started working on a massive RPG named Grimshade. It features an intricate and detailed storyline, complex tactical turn-based combat and a well-developed role system, based on characters’ equipment and group relations.

The game takes place in the medieval world of technomagic and steam engines, filled with the mysterious energy called “Ether”.

Become a leader of a group of heroes with their own stories and unique characters. Explore the Grimshade world. Discover the fantastic world of Ree’Fah where you will face unknown monsters, solve numerous mysteries, and enjoy unexpected plot twists. You will build relationships between the characters and get familiar with their past. Your success depends on decisions you take: explore the universe, fight difficult battles, decide the fate of the heroes and the future of this world!

Key features of Grimshade:

  • Tactical initiative-based battles. Choice and layout of characters change the outcome of the battle;
  • A unique upgrade system without experience, based solely on equipment: characters’ skills and their combat style are determined by their set of equipment;
  • Six available game characters, each with their unique history and characteristics;
  • The system of relations between characters, which affects the story and provides advantages in battles;
  • A vast fantasy world in the age of steam engines and techno mages;
  • An exciting and developed storyline features over 20 hours of gameplay.
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