Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged Exemplar Wishlist Drive Announced

Proving that what’s good for Brian Fargo is good for Cleve Blakemore, Golden Era Games takes a page out of inXile’s book and announces a price-lowering wishlist drive for Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged Exemplar ahead of the game’s upcoming major V2 update. Here’s how it will work, along with a brief overview of the upcoming changes:

The second release of Grimoire at the one year anniversary of the game’s release is progressing well! Brand new inventory workshop (see and sort all items, now apply all special crafts for classes) is done and extremely helpful during gameplay, almost changes the whole experience! In addition to new regions, new NPCs, new story lines, new enhancements to gameplay and two new title screens!

Many players have complained about the high initial price of Grimoire compared to other roleplaying games on Steam. We are considering a major price discount at the release of V2 and you can help decide what it will be!

Before we release V2, we will set the sale price according to the wishlist volume on Steam according to the figures below!

Permanent & Sale price reductions at launch of V2 :

  • 10K Wishlist = $29.95, Sale Price $24.95
  • 25K Wishlist = $24.95, Sale Price $19.95
  • 50K Wishlist = $19.95, Sale Price $9.95
  • 100K Wishlist = $9.95, Permanent & Sale Price

If you want lower the price permanently on the Steam store both for V2 and any future updates, you can help by getting your friends to wishlist the game and encouraging other Steam users to wishlist it. This is a chance to make the game affordable permanently for diehard fans of turn-based old skool roleplaying games!

Keep watching this page for further updates on our progress on V2, it is going to be even more awesome than the first release of Grimoire – if that can be imagined !!!

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