Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged Exemplar Updates, Main Menu Finalized

Cleve Blakemore has been offering up a few updates to the IndieGoGo campaign for his very-long-in-development RPG Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged Exemplar, which reveal that the game’s itemization, perks, and other system components are virtually complete, that the game now has a (sweet, classic-looking) main menu, and more. We’ve been waiting so long for this game that it’s hard to believe that a release could actually be drawing near, so I won’t suggest that and will instead just quote the updates with no further comment:

Placing the very last of the unique items today and finalising perk placements. I have not heard from anybody so I assume that’s it, I’ve got them all now. That’s about it. Everything is nearly finished. I am working for next two weeks going over every single detail marked as “LEAVE UNTIL VERY END.”

Working on the merge tables for Thaumaturges and Metalsmiths, a detail left largely incomplete for 20 years. Just want to make sure these classes are special and rewarding to play because they can make things out of other things that other classes cannot merge.

Still placing items including singular “unique” megaitems, some of them created as top of the pyramid merges from the Metalsmith and Thaumaturge. This will leave nothing but a playthrough to test and verify they are all attainable while completing the game again to make certain all multiple endings can be achieved at some point.

The title screen is complete. The irregular sketch around the portraits at right gives it a real comic book feel. I think it is beautiful. I am just finishing the item editing once and for all now that the screen is finally out of the way. You can’t imagine what a nice feeling it is knowing I will never revisit this main menu and think “Well, that’s just a placeholder until someday I get something decent.” This is the Grimoire main menu.

Just about finished the items for the first release of the game. Roughly 12 left to tweak then test in game logic and combat.

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