Grim Dawn Patch v1.0.0.7 Released

As promised, the new patch for Crate Entertainment’s Grim Dawn is now live. It adds a brand new roguelike dungeon to the game, deals with some Multiplayer issues, and provides a lot of smaller fixes. The big changes are:

[Major New Features]

  • The Fall of Valbury, a new Aetherial roguelike dungeon, is now available.
  • With this massive new outdoor dungeon come 4 new Monster Infrequents, 2 new Unique items, 6 dangerous new bosses and mini-bosses and pages of new Lore to discover. Venture into Port Valbury and witness the complete destruction of a once vibrant commercial center and a reminder of the grim future that awaits all of Cairn should you and the Black Legion fail.
  • Those seeking death in Port Valbury can begin their adventure in the Conflagration, northeast of Homestead. Those Honored with the Outcast may also want to pay her a visit.


  • Components that drop from beasts can now also drop in the Crucible.
  • Slightly reduced the drop rate of Unique items on Aspirant difficulty.

[Mod Tools]

  • Exposed the onPickUp Lua script hook to all items, previously was just quest items. This script hook fires when the item is picked up. Any function called receives two variables: looterID and itemID.


  • Added missing Possession animation to the Dual Guns animation set


  • Fixed an issue with auras becoming desynchronized in Multiplayer sessions (ex. aura buffs randomly coming on and off). This bug may have also been contributing to the Multiplayer Aura Kill bug that has been reported in the past. If that bug persists after this update, please let us know.
  • Fixed an issue where the LAN lobby could freeze while looking for games.
  • The DPS comparison on weapon tooltips now compares the DPS of the skill currently assigned to the left mouse button (LMB). If the assigned skill deals no damage, then the comparison defaults to default Weapon Attack. The DPS detailed tooltip in the character sheet now always shows Weapon Attack DPS regardless of what’s assigned to LMB and RMB.
  • Fixed a bug where calculated skill dps was not using the correct spell cast speed value.
  • Fixed displayed resistances on the character sheet not accounting for overcapped resistances.
  • Fixed a bug with mouse wheel scrolling used as a hotkey.
  • Fixed being able to access difficulty levels your character had not unlocked yet.
  • Fixed a bug where a disconnect from a Steam game could cause a game freeze.
  • Fixed off-hand auto-attack not dealing damage when triggering a Cadence strike while dual wielding. Previously, you would trigger a Cadence attack, dealing the skill damage, but then the off-hand would not deal normal auto-attack damage.
  • Fixed instances where attached Celestial powers would not show up on skill tooltips.
  • Fixed a bug with Chain Lightning skills when spell cast speed was very high.
  • Pickup hotkey now obeys item filtering.
  • Critical Damage tooltip in the Character Sheet fixed.
  • Fixed Resistance to Life Reduction not showing on Next Level skill tooltips.
  • Fixed item names not being visible in the world at max camera zoom.


  • XP gain from enemies boosted around 5-10%, less at lower levels, more so at higher levels.
  • Some minor difficulty adjustment to try to make ambient damage rate a bit more consistent. In Veteran, enemies had lower damage but higher Offensive Ability, resulting in more frequent but less damaging hits. In Elite Offensive Ability was inadvertently reduced below Veteran levels but damage was higher, resulting in less frequent but more damage attacks, which could make rate of damage more jumpy. I’ve tried to smooth this out a bit, so the way enemies scale from Veteran to Elite is more consistent and damage rate should be a little more normalized on Elite. Some of these changes will trickle through to Ultimate but it shouldn’t have a big effect there, since certain values were already scaled well above Veteran and I just left them alone.
  • Slightly increased drop rate of Unique items on Elite and Ultimate difficulties from non-Nemesis sources.
  • Reduced some excessively high Aether resists on various enemies (ex. Aether Crystals, Flesh Hulks, Aetherial Phantoms). While these enemies are still highly resistant to the Aether, they should become more approachable for builds heavily reliant on Aether damage
  • Slightly increased % damage bonuses from Cunning and Spirit. Monster base damage adjusted accordingly.


  • Increased the base speed of melee (non-caster) weapons in the 20-55 level range. This is primarily a quality of life change for characters levelling with melee builds and is a net DPS buff.
  • Reduced material costs of low level Epic Item Blueprints
  • Added a new Fire-based two-handed rifle Monster Infrequent to a new variant of Fleshwarped Trolls
  • Relic – Belgothian’s Carnage: adjusted chance of Defensive Ability Reduction to 25% chance of 40 Reduction for 2s, reduced Pierce damage bonus to 8
  • Relic – Primal Instinct: reduced % Attack Speed bonus for pets to 15%, reduced chance of spawning a minion on attack to 20%
  • Component – Runestone: increased % Elemental Resist to 12% and added 12% Aether Resist

The full changelog is rather lengthy and contains a heap of revisions to game’s items and classes. It can be found on the game’s official forums.

Important to note, some users have reported issues with the new patch. Developers are aware of it, according to a Crate Employee post on the forums:

There appears to have been an issue in transit between our GOG build and what got published on GOG…investigating.

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