Grim Dawn Grim Misadventures #103-104, Another TQ Designer Joins the Fray

It’s been a few weeks since I last checked in on the state of Grim Dawn and its development forums, and in the meantime the team has been busy cranking out installments #103 and #104 to the long-running Grim Misadventures series for the action RPG. In a separate post, we also learn that original Titan Quest developer Josh Glavine has joined the team to help on the upcoming expansion pack and “future Crate projects”, so hopefully that means they’ll be bringing us dungeon crawlers for years to come. Word is:

I’m Josh Glavine, the newest addition to Arthur’s collection of badass (misfit) game devs, an honor that I hope to live up to.

That said, I’m not all that new. Arthur and I go back to the TQ days, where he convinced the Iron Lore founders to hire me despite an argument I had with one of them during my interview. It was my first honest game job and it was a madhouse. During my time at Iron Lore I had the pleasure of working on TQ, TQ: Immortal Throne, Dawn of War: Soul Storm and a badass prototype that never saw the light of day. Through long nights, fueled by now banned energy drinks (Chinese Rocket Fuel – It’s got shizandra in it!), we tried our best to keep Iron Lore ticking but it wasn’t meant to be.

Following Iron Lore’s closure Arthur started putting together Crate. I was there in the earliest of days but wasn’t able to stick it out. I took a job at Demiurge Studios where I worked on everything from Mass Effect to ACM: Bug Hunt Mode (the best part of a bruised and battered game) and wrote original concepts for games like “Gears of War: Exile” (may it rest in peace) and Marvel Puzzle Quest. Along the way I was design lead on a number of projects including Demiurge’s first attempt at an original title, Shoot Many Robots. It was a great time but it never quite felt right. A couple months ago, after listening to me bitch about making mobile free to play games, Arthur gave me a chance to come back to the world of badass games, hardcore devs, and energy drink addictions. It feels like coming home!

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