Grim Dawn Grim Misadventure #150 – Shattering Expectations

The new “Grim Misadventure” development update for Crate Entertainment’s action-RPG Grim Dawn shares some additional details about the new Shattered Realm game mode for the upcoming Forgotten Gods expansion that was originally unveiled in an earlier update. Check it out:

It’s Grim Misadventure time up in here! It seems we’ve been at this for entirely too long as this marks our 150th update (the first one ever was on June 10th 2012)! Seems like a nice round number so let’s just stop here…

Ok, not really.

Last time, we took another look into the celestial sky and unveiled the most powerful constellations being introduced in the upcoming Forgotten Gods expansion.

Today, we return to a Shattered reality, a realm reflecting our own, and yet unlike it in many ways. This vast plane of existence contains equally vast wealth for you to claim, but also no shortage of dangers.

When we first previewed the Shattered Realm, we talked about the fundamentals. Today, we are ready to discuss some of the finer nuances that will make each of your Shattered Realm runs a bit more unusual.

Make a Bargain

Do you like power? So do the gods. But what are you willing to sacrifice for it?

As you traverse the Shattered Realm, you will uncover unique shrines. Make an offering to them in the form of rare crafting materials and you will be bestowed a boon, but beware: all great gifts come with a trade-off.

Shattered Souls

When we first talked about the Shattered Realm, the souls of its denizens served as the fuel by which you progressed deeper. This mechanic is largely intact, but with a few subtle yet game-changing adjustments.

Now every enemy you slay in the Shattered Realm fills the progress bar, and souls are a bonus on top of that. Common and Champion enemies have a small chance to drop them, while heroes and Nemesis foes will always drop more potent souls.

Whenever you absorb one of these souls, you will not only make bonus progress, you will also claim a fragment of the realm’s power for yourself, granting you increased damage and toughness for a few seconds. Claim another soul and the buff stacks up and refreshes its duration.

The deeper you go in the Shattered Realm, the more stacks you can collect, turning you into a wrecking ball of destruction capable of crushing even the mightiest challenges the reality has to offer.

A Shattered World

As you delve deeper into this game mode, you will learn more about its tragic history and why it has come to be known as the Shattered Realm. You will bear witness to destruction in its raw form, to hunger insatiable.

But not all secrets are meant to be uncovered. Soon enough, you will find yourself contending against corruptions tainted by the very hunger that consumes their world. Steel yourself, for these beings wield devastating celestial powers that can turn the tide in their favor.

Something Special…

As you explore the Shattered Realm, you will sometimes stumble upon…unusual encounters that break the rules and throw a wrench in the best laid plans.

Are you prepared for all that the Shattered Realm has to offer? With 54 levels to explore, and more on the way, the Shattered Realm is a massive new addition to Grim Dawn teeming with loot and challenges for you to test your characters’ worth.

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