Grim Dawn Grim Misadventure #147 – Zealous Power

The Oathkeeper mastery class coming to Crate Entertainment’s action-RPG Grim Dawn in the upcoming Forgotten Gods expansion is the main attraction of the latest Grim Misadventure development update. We get some screenshots, a couple of animations, a good number of detailed skill descriptions, and a look at the complete Oathkeeper mastery tree.

Here are a few sample abilities:

Please note that as the mastery is still under development, the following information may change by release. Damage values are scaled by player attributes.

You’ve sworn your oath, grabbed your shield and charged into the fray. You have become a vessel for the vengeance of the gods. As you grow in power, these mighty abilities await!

Eye of Reckoning
”When the first Oathkeepers looked upon the celestial vale and witnessed the astounding power of Empyrion’s light, they sought to replicate its brilliance and might. The culmination of their prayers and training was the Eye of Reckoning, a devastating display of martial combat that rapidly cleaves through all nearby foes in a whirlwind of fire and light for as long as the Oathkeeper channels their focus into the attack.”

That’s right, Grim Dawn is getting a whirlwind-type ability! Spin your way to victory with the Oathkeeper mastery, rapidly cleaving anything unfortunate enough to get too close.

But wait, there’s more! Add on the modifier, Soulfire, and become a spectacle of Empyrion’s light.

Righteous Fervor
”Oathkeepers charge into battle with prayers on their lips and righteousness in their hearts. When used as your default weapon attack, Righteous Fervor increases the intensity of your attacks with every strike.”

Righteous Fervor is a new auto-attack replacer coming to Grim Dawn, but why make it just one option where it could be two? If you take the Dreeg’s Reproach transmuter, the skill’s damage switches from Physical/Fire to Acid/Vitality.

Modifiers for this ability enhance your damage and defenses while stacks of Righteous Fervor are active, even adding a portion of your Retaliation damage to each auto attack.

Shattering Smash
”Such is an Oathkeeper’s prowess with a shield that the force of the blow resonates through the earth and sends an additional shockwave through your initial target.”

Smash the earth with this melee shield-based weapon pool skill and send a shockwave beyond your initial target to strike foes behind it.

”A precise strike emblazoned by the Oathkeeper’s righteous fury leaves enemies staggered and broken. With sufficient practice, this technique can even be extended to a shield.”

Smite your foes with any weapon of your choice. This weapon pool skill becomes more effective with a shield as your first barrier of defense also becomes part of your offense.

Conjure Guardian of Empyrion
”Call forth a loyal servant of Empyrion to cleave through your foes and render celestial judgment until it is recalled back into the celestial vale.”

The celestial servants of the divine come to your aid. Conjure them to cleave your foes and, with the modifier, burn them with their very presence. Offer your soul to the Witch God Dreeg with the transmuter and the guardian instead becomes a scion of acid and pain.

And as a bonus, you can now also check out the upcoming expansion’s menu screen right here.

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