Grid Cartographer Gets Steamed

If you find yourself playing through classic dungeon-heavy CRPG series like The Bard’s Tale, Wizardry, or Eye of the Beholder in the near future or are an aspiring Game Master/Dungeon Master and want to put your map-making skills to work on something other than physical graph paper, then you’ll be happy to learn that David Walters’ Grid Cartographer software has evolved from its original 2013 release to the point that version 4 is now available on Steam. There’s a 10% discount during its launch week, making its $49.99 asking price a little more inviting:

Grid Cartographer 4 is a powerful map creation and design tool, with many features:

• Square, Hexagon and Tile-map Grid Types.
• Unlimited floor area with named floors and multiple tabbed ‘regions’.
• Quick brush selection with a popup overlay.
• Standard editing tools such as undo, redo and cut, copy and paste.
• Range of selection tools including marquee, paint and wand.
• Simple text labelling and a quick note system.
• Fog-of-war overlays in several different styles.
• Map themes including blueprint, phosphor and parchment styles.
• Scripting system for exporting to proprietary data formats.
• 3D view mode for first-person visualisation.
• Avatar cursor to help track your movements as you explore a map.
• Export maps to PNG with powerful filtering options to create a ‘player map’.
• Export maps to OBJ mesh or XML for use with Unity and Unreal Engine.
• Interactive wall levers and treasure chests.
• Custom marker and terrain tile art import.
• Flexible grid setup for limited areas or infinite planes.

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