Greyhawk: ToEE Areas of the Week Updated

We’ve added two more locations to our Greyhawk: ToEE Areas of the Week section. This week, we’ve documented two areas from the third Dungeon of Elemental Evil the Inky Chamber and the Hall of Elemental Magic. An excerpt from the Hall of Elemental Magic to follow:

Both evil and magic can be found here. The magic radiates from the floor symbols, the evil from everywhere. Any creature who steps into the area of an elemental symbol and stands there for 3 segments is transported to the corresponding Elemental Node: the Air Cavern (circle), the Earth Burrows (triangle), the Fire Pits (lozenge), or Water Maze (square). The only way to escape therefrom is to win through to another “gate” area or to possess the complete Orb of Golden Death, inset with all four proper gems.

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