Good Old Games Preview

PC Zone has had a chance to “monkey around” with the Good Old Games system, and is looking forward to it and its offering of games and – on this the article focuses – games its lacking.

Baldur’s Gate 2
In a world where true, proper-nerdy RPGs are hard to come by, the two Baldur’s Gate games, and their expansions, were some of the most brilliant role-playing games out there. When we hear the young-uns getting excited about Dragon Age: Origins, we can’t help but wish to play through the ridiculous 40+ hours that BG2 and Throne of Baal had. Now is the time to bring this game back. Do you hear us?

Vampire: The Masquerade: Redemption
The legend of Pissed Off Christof and his bloodthirsty coterie was one of our favourite stories in gaming. While Bloodlines was more visceral, Redemption was a lot more story-based and atmospheric, and also had a bizarre multiplayer mode that allowed you to have your own Vampire RPG-sessions, which I admit I may have joined with the intention of shitting them up with ridiculousness. Sorry, everybody. In seriousness, the singleplayer story was well-written, acted, and had a few nice twists – and a satisfying conclusion, to boot.

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