Good Old Games Open Beta Begins

If you signed up for Good Old Games Open Beta you should be getting your key right about now. Even moreso, if you purchase a game during this period you’ll get one Interplay-published game for free! – it’s alive!

New games hit the catalogue during the Early Access Beta. The Early Access Beta launched on Monday, the first few thousand users have received their access codes, the first games have been bought, and the first new releases have appeared in’s games catalogue. Two great RTS games were just added to the ever-growing catalogue – Perimeter from Codemasters and Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising from Interplay. Early Access Beta users can buy these games now, but you don’t have to worry. We still have some surprises up our sleeves (yes, there are multiple sleeves at work here). Just enter your email above we’re still accepting signups! Our kindness won’t last forever, so enter your email address already, would you?

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