Who Will We See in God of War: Ragnarok? Major Characters and their Story

During the PlayStation 2021 Showcase, we finally got our first full look at God of War: Ragnarok. The trailer shows plenty of gameplay and gives hints about where the story will be going in the sequel. Immediately after the Showcase, an interview was conducted with a couple of members of the game’s development team, giving us more details about what we can expect from the new God of War.

In the trailer, we can see a now older Atreus warning Kratos that time is running out, and that a war and Ragarok are coming. He also wants to find out more about who he is and who Loki is, though Kratos fears it could lead to fighting more of the Norse gods. The trailer then focuses on finding Tyr, the Norse god of war. Though he is thought to be dead, everyone (except Kratos seemingly) believes that he may still be alive, and is the key to stopping Ragnarok, as well as potentially the key to the answers Atreus seeks.

The trailer suggests that Kratos is trying to protect his son from finding out who he really is. It appears that since the events of the last God of War, the two have went into hiding, and he is hesitant to go back out and potentially battle more gods. He even tells Atreus that war is not the only way, further showing his reluctance to fight. The trailer also gives us a look at many returning characters, such as Brok, Sindri and Mimir, as well as new characters Thor, Tyr, and a mysterious girl.

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After the Showcase, Sid Shuman from PlayStation headed an interview with Director Eric Williams and Studio Creative Director Cory Barlog, where they gave more insight to God of War: Ragnarok. In the interview, Williams confirms that Ragnarok will happen in this game, and that they plan on capping off the Norse series of the franchise with this.

He also confirms that the voice during the trailer that asks if Kratos is a calm and reasonable man is Thor, who will be voiced by Ryan Hurst. Williams goes on to say that this version of Thor will be much different from the version many fans may be used to seeing from the Marvel movies. He will be much closer to the version portrayed in Norse mythology, being “this big, burly, almost hedonistic manchild. Red hair, left handed,” making him much different than the most popular portrayal of the god currently.

Odin is confirmed to play a large role in the sequel, being voiced by Richard Schiff, and the team will be giving a different take on the all-father as well. Williams explains that the girl we see at the end of the trailer is named Angrboda, and is actually one of the last remaining giants, and that “her story is pretty amazing and how it fits into the world of God of War.” She is being played by Laya DeLeon Hayes, while Tyr will be voiced by Ben Prendergast. Williams ends by expressing his excitement from the game, wanting see what the fans’ reactions to it will be.

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God of War: Ragnarok is set to release some time in 2022, and will be exclusively available for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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