GB Feature: World of Warcraft Preview

We’ve put together a six-page preview of Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, based upon the last several weeks of beta testing. Here’s a snip to get you started:

So what is a typical quest like in WoW? I would guess that it was one of Blizzard’s main goals to have at least one quest related to virtually any spot in the whole world, making every area at least of some importance. For example, after taking my shaman to the Tauren starting area of Mulgore and completing all the quests I could find there, I suspect there isn’t a lot that I did not see in that whole zone including the named wandering mobs. Simply put, it’s going to take you a very, very long time if you want to explore the whole world and take on most of the quests. Quests can be diverse, easy to find, and are usually a lot of fun.

You’ll likely have many quests on your log at any given point, and if you travel without completing many of them, chances are you may have to even abandon some to make room for others. I also expect they’ll tweak the number you can have active at any given time, likely increasing it from what it is now. The majority of quests I’ve tackled feature the “find the group of monsters, kill them, loot them, and return with x number of their special item drop,” meaning you’ll be sent to kill several of the same type of monster to get their quest items. Fortunately, quest items typically drop from monsters fairly frequently (though the number required and the drop rate need balancing) and you usually won’t be in one area too long, especially if in a group.

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