GB Feature: The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Review

After nearly a year-long commitment to tweaking and polishing The Witcher, CD Projekt has finally brought us the game’s Enhanced Edition. Was it worth the effort? We think so:

In addition to the more publicized changes, CD Projekt Red has made other improvements. First and foremost, they upgraded the inventory system. When The Witcher first came out, the inventory was divided between quest items and other items, and it was often tough to tell what you had and what you needed (among other things, ingredients tended to look like potions). But now the inventory has been divided into three areas — quest items, regular items, and ingredients — and CD Projekt Red added sorting and filtering buttons, making it easier to keep track of your stuff. Better yet, the changes actually added more inventory space, and so now you don’t need to constantly run back and forth to shopkeepers to sell items and clear space, and you don’t often need to visit inns to shuffle items between your inventory and your storage space.

Another nice change is that CD Projekt Red improved dice poker. When the game was initially released, the dice poker opponents were monumentally dumb, and they’d often roll dice at random, without any regard to whether they were helping their hand or actually hurting it. But now the opponents are both smarter and luckier, and so it’s much tougher to get through the dice poker quest in the game. It also means that you can no longer use dice poker as a source for easy money. But on the downside, dice poker also isn’t as much fun to play any more. Opponents constantly roll full houses and six-high straights, and you’re now much more likely to lose than to win (I lost to Dandelion 10 times in a row before I finally beat him).

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