GB Feature: Neverwinter Nights 2 Interview

We’ve launched a brand new site dedicated to the upcoming Neverwinter Nights sequel and have kicked it off with a two-page interview with Obsidian’s John Morgan, Ferret Baudoin, and Chris Avellone. A snippet:

GB: Do you intend on making any changes to how henchmen will work in NWN 2? Any plans to use any of the henchmen from the original?

CA: We tried to make the companions more player-friendly, giving the player the option to directly control them or not and when not being controlled, they will act accordingly to their personalities, which can lead to all sorts of fun combat and non-combat situations. We aren’t using any of the henchmen from previous games (but expect some cameos!), and considering the amount of effort that’s been placed on making the companions part of the critical path, with side quests, vision quests, and more, we don’t even call them henchmen anymore they’re more like other players you’re adventuring with. We also made an effort to transfer over and expand the influence system from Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords, giving the player the option of how deeply they want to delve into a companion’s personality or how much they want to grind their lives beneath your heel until they can’t take anymore.

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