GB Feature: Expeditions: Rome Review

Following our critiques of Expeditions: Conquistador and Expeditions: Viking, we have now turned our attention to Expeditions: Rome, THQ Nordic and Logic Artists’ latest installment to their tactical RPG series. Here are a couple of paragraphs from our four-page review:

Your story companions are both useful in combat and aren’t excessively annoying, which is a fairly rare thing these days. They all come with their own personal stories that gradually unfold as the game progresses. And while you can regularly check back with them while making camp, they tend not to overburden you with their life stories all at once, and instead save their big story developments for when you return to Rome.

In fact, the bulk of the game’s dialogues and companion interactions come in the form of these ambient conversations, Mass Effect-style. Basically, you’ll be running around your camp or some town and you’ll overhear various civilians, legionaries, or your companions gossiping or discussing some recent developments. Those conversations tend to be fairly amusing and provide the game with a lived-in feeling.

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