GB Feature: Dragonshard Coverage & Interview

We’ve launched a new subsite dedicated to Atari and Liquid Entertainment’s upcoming RTS/RPG hybrid, Dragonshard, and have kicked it off with a three-page interview with designer Charley Price. A snip:

Q: Other than Dragons, Beholders, and Minotaurs, what other fantastical creatures from the Dungeons & Dragons world will we see? Will we see any planar creatures or demons of any kind?

A: In addition to the monsters mentioned in the earlier question, we do have a variety of large scale (Boss Monsters) in Dragonshard, including some planar creatures, such as the Marilith who hails from the Abyss, the Horned Devil (or Cornugon, to the old-school D&D players out there) who comes from the pits of Baator, and the Efreet, evil princes from the Plane of Fire.

These are in addition to classic favorites such as the Beholder, Umber Hulk, Drider, etc. An encounter with one of these Boss Monsters will require the player to strategically maneuver and tactically strike at key moments. Each of these monsters are fully adept at attacking multiple units at once, either through area of effect attacks, or a unique system that, in the case of the Marilith, allows her to acquire multiple targets and rotate various arms to strike each one individually. As such, the player will have their work cut out for them figuring out various strategies for tackling each of these deadly beasts.

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