GB Feature: Dragon Age: Origins Interview

BioWare’s Dan Tudge answers our questions about Dragon Age: Origins’ development history, non-linearity, lack of multiplayer, and a whole lot more.

GB: Baldur’s Gate is regarded as one of the best cRPG franchises in existence. What exactly should we expect from its spiritual successor? What aspects of the game will make Baldur’s Gate fans feel right at home?

Dan: Baldur’s Gate was based on a very deep and engaging story with fascinating characters, so fans can expect to be thrilled by a bigger and better adventure in Dragon Age: Origins. Party-based adventuring was key in Baldur’s Gate, and it’s the same with Dragon Age: Origins where you’ll engage in some heart-pounding tactical combat with each member of your party having unique personalities and abilities that are just fun to experiment with. What fans will see is that Dragon Age: Origins is a (coming of age) for fantasy RPGs it’s a more mature and sophisticated take on classic RPGs, with very dark elements that may even shock some people.

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