Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows Interview

Computer Games Magazine has conducted an interview with Midway’s Josh Sawyer, in which the former Black Isle Studios developer talks about their upcoming action RPG, Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows. A snippet, as usual:

Q: What will the multiplayer modes be like in the game?

A: Offline, players can go through the 1-2 player story mode or the 1-4 player advance mode. Story mode allows the players to use alternating pairs of heroes (warrior and valkyrie, elf and wizard, lancer and tragedian) as they work through the seven sorrows. In advance mode, the story elements (dialogues, cutscenes, etc.) are stripped away so the players can focus on advancing their characters and collecting more treasure.

Online, players can participate in the advance mode or (perfection matches). Perfection matches allow players to go through the game solo while connected to our central server. Perfection matches are very difficult, because the game spawns enemies and scales bosses as though four players were in the game. For completing a perfection match, players get a visual merit badge next to their character’s name. If they have the highest perfection score for their level bracket, they also receive a unique weapon or shield that is effectively a useable trophy for as long as they hold the high score.

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