Gary Gygax Interview

The Lejendary Adventures website has conducted an interview with Gary Gygax, one of the original founders of Dungeons & Dragons, to learn more about his new role-playing system. Here’s a bit of what was talked about:

There is so much to do in support of the system. Many people feel that your forte has always been writing adventure scenarios, yet only one is available by you for the Lejendary Adventure system and it is only available in the Author’s and Premier Editions of the core rule books. Why is that? When can rabid fans expect a solid adventure scenario for LA much like “The Tomb of Horrors” was for the D&D system, or “Necropolis” was for the Dangerous Journeys system?

GG: First, my fans wouldn’t be playing RPGs if it wasn’t for my game authorship, eh? (^_^). That is the horse, and the rest a cart. clearly, the forte I have is designing rules, notably the D&D and AD&D systems in the past, then the DJ one, and now its the LEJENDARY ADVENTURE system. With a good system come good adventures.

Talk to Chris Clark about the lack of adventure material under my name! He is sitting on a revised version of my adventure THE HERMIT, and he also has a rough of an introductory one, LIVING THE LEJEND. The latter could be put into shape for publishing in a week on my end. Also, I am at this time expanding that module, writing a couple of extensions for it to cover the local barons stronghold and village, with some adventure material to be written in, plus a nice little dungeon crawl piece that’s being play-tested now.

When MALEDICTED comes out, there will be an accompanying adventure module co-authored by Jon Creffield and me, THE WELL OF SHADOWS. That should serve to give a few Avatars reason to wish they’d have stayed home (^_^).

TOMB OF HORRORS was just a killer dungeon. NECROPOLIS was a more complete, campaign type module. The WELL OF SHADOWS is in between those alone, but it is actually a culminating special to the sourcebook-campaign work noted, MALEDICTED.

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