GameZone’s E3 Best of Show

The editors at GameZone are offering up their final thoughts on many of the more promising titles shown at this year’s E3. Fallout 3, Final Fantasy XIII, and Fable II are all listed:

Peter Molyneux is putting 110 percent into Fable 2 and it shows. His world of Albion is growing into one of the best worlds to traverse through within a video game and, on top of all that, he’s allowing a friend or family member to cooperatively join you through your journey.

Fable 2 could be the game that finally allows boyfriend and girlfriend to play cooperatively together on the Xbox 360. Sure, Halo 3 is sometimes fun for the boyfriend to whoop on the girlfriend, but that is only fun for so long before the girlfriend puts the controller down and quits. What Fable 2 is going to offer is an experience that puts the girlfriend in a role where she can create her own character, buy her own house(s), and own her very own pet all within a fantasy world rich of character and personality. Come this October, Fable 2 should see a lot of time within my Xbox 360 tray as my girlfriend and I will adventure through Albion together to become the ultimate good-guy heroes.

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