Gamespy’s Year 2000 Awards

It’s time to vote folks, and it won’t be the last time (a good thing). After the nasty experience that was and is the USA Presidential Election, this kind of voting won’t leave you feeling like backwash from a two month old slurpee (I’m trying not to think of it in those terms, but the whole thing has me almost apathetic to who becomes president now). Nope, the Gamespy Game of the Year 2000 voting has begun! From that page you’ll get to portal over to their affiliate sites for each type of genre. For instance, to vote for the RPG Game of the Year, you’ll be taken to RPGPlanet for the nominees. May the best game, not the most popular (remember Deer Hunter?), win!

On an election tangent:
You’d think that out of all voting processes, they could come up with a standard very easy to use technique for everyone. So here is what I propose in the future! Actually, it turned out to be too big… dag nappit! Anyway, it’s a touch screen thingamajiggie. If for some reason you’d like to hear my design for the 2012 election, and it’s a good one, email me and I’ll send you the design. Believe me, it could solve all voting problems in the future. It begins like this:

You walk up or sit down to the touchscreen monitor before you. “Welcome to the Year 2012 Election. Touch the screen to begin.” Being sneaky, you touch the upper right tippy top corner. It works. There is a very big digital number pad in the center. At the top it says, “Thank you.” It fades. Then fading in comes, “Please enter your registration code.” You do and press the “Enter” button. At the top: “That number is not registered, please try again.” Fades, then, “Please enter your registration code.” This time you do it correctly.

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