GameSpy’s Most Overrated Games of All Time #15

GameSpy’s “Most Overrated Games of All Time” feature continues, with Gas Powered Games’ Dungeon Siege coming in at #15. An excerpt to follow:

I’ve never really been a fan of the Diablo series, so for me Dungeon Siege lost its charm rather quickly. Click, click, click, click is not my idea of good gameplay — especially since I bought into the hype and believed the game to be an epic quest whereby the customization of my character would lead to exciting, differentiated gameplay, thus affording good replay value in a world ostensibly containing a thrilling story. Instead, I got generic Diablo +2 — the +2 being for the most beautiful engine I’ve seen in an RPG. Although can you really call Dungeon Siege an RPG? Stats and progress bars do not an RPG make, and I’ll go to my grave insisting that Diablo and its myriad of clones (DS included) should not be called RPGs. Even if said “RPG” has a pack mule.

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