GameBanshee Feature: Neverwinter Nights Interview

We’ve got a giant’s feast of exclusive information for you today on BioWare’s forthcoming incredibly detailed RPG Neverwinter Nights! Our interview helps to expand the public’s knowledge base of the game with Q & A’s such as this, a little about “twinking” while playing in the official NWN vault:

Q: What is stopping a DM from implementing monsters and treasure *exactly* to Vault specifications and running players through quickly and easily in order to (twink) their characters to be some of the most powerful in the NWN network (with the least amount of time invested)? For example, could a DM put the appropriate amount of treasure on the ground (without any sort of fight or struggle) for his friends’ characters in order to build them faster?

A: With Neverwinter Nights, we want to put as much power into the DM’s hands as possible. Game balance and power levels are theirs to discern. For instance, they may want to run a superhero campaign, where both the player characters and the enemies they face are grossly overpowered. While such characters won’t receive Official Vault status, they nevertheless represent a perfectly legitimate approach to gameplay. And that’s the thing with the Official Vault: it’s not there to stop cheating – it’s just there to make cheating redundant. Yes, you can put a lot of effort into ‘˜min-maxing’ the Official Vault but your character won’t be all that more powerful than anyone else’s. Players that want to be super-powerful are better off saving their characters locally, where they don’t have to worry about maintaining official certification.

After you’re through, continue on browsing through the latest NWN info in our Neverwinter Nights subsite, updated all the time with official forum tidbits.

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