GameBanshee Feature: Jade Empire Preview

Our very own Baedden has put together a preview of BioWare’s recently announced Jade Empire, providing some more details about the Xbox RPG set in a mythical version of China. Check it out:

Although the developers have been very tight-lipped about plot details, brief glimpses like the demon scenario seem to indicate that Jade Empire’s story line will receive as much of their attention as the physics of the hero’s rippling hair has. Since BioWare presumably knows that the majority of gamers won’t possess Quentin Tarantino’s level of obsession with kung fu movies, it should be safe to assume that they will try to make sure that Jade Empire will allow all the would-be jedis and druids a way to live their dreams, as well. With a projected ship date of 2004’s holiday season, though, any or all of this information may change.

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