GameBanshee Feature: Flagship Studios Interview

We’ve conducted an interview with Flagship Studios’ Bill Roper, asking him questions about what type of game they may be developing, how the industry is responding to the new company, whether or not they’re MMORPG fans, and more. Here’s a little something to get you started:

GB: Just out of curiosity, how did you come with the name “Flagship Studios”?

Bill: When we started speaking with publishers about the game we wanted to make, they kept referred to it as a real (flagship title.) That is definitely the kind of quality and effort we wanted to pour into the design, and I think the phrase just started to stick out in our minds. It seemed like such a great goal to set for ourselves and for our game that we might as well use it as our name as well. It reminds us that we have a lot of personal and external expectations to live up to and it also shows that we have a lot of experience as developers. Also, it has some bizarre scourge of the high-seas connotations for us, but that may be due to the fact that we saw Pirates of the Caribbean around the time we chose the name.

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