Funcom Financials Offer Look at Age of Conan Status

Those curious about how well Age of Conan is or isn’t doing should saunter over to Massively for an analysis of Funcom’s financials.

As it turns out, we have to distinguish between the report presentation – a colorful package that includes lots of celebratory marketing woo-woo material – and the financial report itself. If one looks at the report presentation as opposed to the financial report, it appears the game sold over 800,000 copies to date and currently (that is, ‘per August 14’) has 415,000 customers. That many subscribers would certainly be enough to keep the game alive and healthy. But there’s a big twist around the corner.

As our readers may remember, Funcom were boasting around 400,000 subscribers back in May. Going by Funcom’s own official figures, the game’s population is growing slightly rather than shrinking..

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