Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich Reviews

Both and Jolt Online Gaming bring us their reviews of Irrational Games’ recently released superhero RPG sequel. gave the game an overall score of “A-“:

While it’s fair to suggest at a glance that this is more of an expansion pack than a standalone game, a runtime look at the tremendous production value and classy tribute to Kirby-and-Ditko artwork should assuage any fears that 40 bucks is too much for another tango with Irrational Games’ magnum opus. There’s a lot of boilerplate stuff on the market right now fortunately there’s Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich to remind us that it’s still possible to blend meat-and-potatoes substance with dazzling artsy style.

And Jolt Online Gaming gave the game an overall score of 8.3/10:

It goes without saying that fans of the original are going to lap up Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich, because it’s basically the same game, albeit better optimised. Newcomers to the series are likely to enjoy the game too, provided they’re aware that it’s not an RTS, despite appearances. What it is though is a linear (and we don’t mean that negatively) RPG with an emphasis on tactical combat, more than a nod to the classic comic books, and a sizeable helping of fun. In many respects, it puts officially licensed efforts to shame.

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