Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich Reviews

A handful of new reviews have hit the web for Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich, and they’re all on the positive side. The first is at Yahoo! Games Domain with an overall score of 9/10:

All told, Freedom Force vs. 3rd Reich is more than just a solid and well-built strategy game. It’s also more than one of the finest story-driven role-playing games available on the PC. It’s both a parody and tribute to the four-color pages of yesteryear when spandex heroes fought against world menaces, using a mix of brain, brawn, and unrestrained hyperbole. The game captures this with a wink, but also a great deal of love. For just half the price of a hardcover Marvel Masterwork, Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich is a comic book guy’s dream come true, a delight for strategy/RPG fans, and wannabe superheroes all over the world.

The second is at 1Up with an overall score of 5/5:

Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich is such an outstanding romp that you never want it to end. I’m hoping that the great and totally appropriate cliff-hanger ending means more adventures to come. As with any great comic, I can’t wait for the next issue.

And the third is at Game Over Online with an overall score of 87%:

Finally, sometimes it’s best not to have any differences. Both Freedom Force games have the same kooky, over-the-top comic book charm to them, and almost all of the voice actors from the first game returned to reprise their roles in the sequel, and they all did another fantastic job. Plus, Freedom Force vs. the 3rd Reich is still fun to play, which is probably the most important thing to worry about, and so it’s easy for me to forgive the game some of its faults (like having to hold the alt key to rotate the camera), and to instead hope that a third game is somewhere in the pipeline, and that publishers are lining up to represent it.

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