Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich Preview

Although the game has already hit store shelves, has dished up a preview of Irrational’s Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich. A paragraph to follow:

Yep, there’s something innately loveable about Freedom Force vs The Third Reich. Maybe it’s the fact that all the excellent character voices are performed by Irrational employees in a poky improvised recording studio? Perhaps it’s the ridiculously over-the-top stereotypes that populate the game, including the new 1940s heroes of Black Jack (stiff-upper-lipped Brit), Tricolour (sassy chick wrapped in French flag) and Sky King (American rocketeer). “All the embarrassing fake British, French and German dialogue is written by me,” says Levine proudly. “All the Germans say is ‘Achtung!’ and ‘Amerikaner Schweinhund!’.” We also like the colourful environments, decorated with dynamic lighting, destructible buildings, objects you can pick up and throw at enemies and sparkly superpower effects.

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