Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich Interview

GameZone Online has conducted an interview with Irrational Games’ Ken Levine, asking the developer several questions about their upcoming Freedom Force sequel. Here’s one of them:

Q: Which comic book series or art style influenced you the most during Freedom Force and Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich’s development? What was it about comics that made you realize it was the perfect graphic style to use for your game?

A: Because the game takes place in two different eras, the silver and golden ages, we have two different looks. The look of the silver age, where the game starts out is a bit more vibrant and colorful. When the team is sent back the golden age, the game begins to take a darker tone. Having WWII as a backdrop will inherently lead your art in a grittier direction. At the same time, however, in order to reflect the golden age of comics, you have to simplify things a bit as well. I know that may sound a bit more complicated than it needs to, but when you play the game, you begin to understand.

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