Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich Interview

HomeLan Fed has conducted an interview with Irrational Games’ Jonathan Chey, asking the lead designer several questions about their upcoming tactical RPG sequel, Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich. Here’s a little something to get you started:

Q: What sort of new gameplay features and improvements will be added for The Third Reich in comparison to the original Freedom Force.

A: One area we want to radically improve is the independent hero AI. Rather than have your heroes stand around getting beaten to a pulp when you aren’t paying attention, they will now alert the player in a very proactive manner and, if the player doesn’t choose to do anything about the problem they will respond under their own initiative. Of course, this kind of system needs very careful balancing to make sure that it doesn’t frustrate the player by disrupting the careful plans. or end up playing the game for them. Overall, the goal is to make the game easier to play whilst retaining the same tactical depth.

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