Flagship Studios Interview

PixelRage has conducted an interview with Flagship Studios’ Bill Roper, asking him several questions about his new game development company. Check it out:

Q: You have a huge experience in this domain. How would you describe this not-so-perfect industry and what are your opinions about its future?

A: No industry is perfect, and at least ours is pretty darned fun to work in. There are a lot of great people who drive the games industry, and being part of such an amazingly creative process makes it easy to get up and come into the office day after day. We are still a relatively young industry that has massive amounts of energy from the creative minds that make the games, and the level of competition and professionalism amongst the publishing companies has really turned a lot of heads. People not so close to what we do have been taking notice, and it is safe to say that games have become a pretty serious industry. I expect continued growth and penetration into the minds and homes of people who have grown up playing games, as well as new games coming out that bring more people into the fold.

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