Flagship Studios’ Future Uncertain

The editors at Tom’s Games have written up a pretty good overview of the events leading up to Flagship Studios’ decision to shut down Mythos and freeze Hellgate: London’s subscription system.

The Hellgate: London developer still remains alive and kicking, with its management team intact, but Flagship’s future became even more uncertain late last week. Mythos, the developer’s forthcoming high fantasy RPG, was officially put on hiatus late last Friday. The game, which was currently in a beta phase, was shut down and its servers were turned off. Additionally, the official Mythos forums shut down at the same time. Flagship released an official statement on the Mythos Web site. “We regretfully announce that on Friday, July 18, 2008 at 11:59 CST the world of Uld known as Mythos will be going on hiatus. On behalf of all of the Devs and Community team we want to thank you to everyone for their support and assistance with Mythos Alpha and Beta testing and we hope to see you soon.”

At the moment, it is unclear as to where both games will be in weeks to come. Over the past few months, Mythos saw significant changes in its base configuration, moving away from a Guild Wars-based structure featuring public settlements and offline, local exploration to a larger, public MMORPG continuity. Featuring an isometric view with full 360 camera rotation and zoom controls, Mythos gave an insight as to how a possible (and now revealed) Diablo III would work using a 3D capable engine. Roper and the gang’s signature Diablo artisanship could be felt everywhere in the world of Uld, from the familiar smashing of crates to casting multitudes of minions to the click-fest action we’ve all come to know and love.

Unlike Diablo however, Flagship took the action/RPG idea one step further and opened up the Mythos world, allowing the player to roam about like any other MMORPG. You could choose to take a quest, or just wander its luscious world and build your character’s stats; monsters were aplenty and re-spawned after a few minutes. If you were not the soloing type, gamers could also form parties and venture together, gaining global experience and loot. You could even choose to learn crafting skills and create weapons, armor and other useful items. To compliment the package, Mythos also offered player races (gremlinhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gremlin , human and satyr) and three classes: Bloodletter (fighter), Gadgeteer (Marksmanhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marksman ) and Pyromancer (magic).

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