Fine Gaming Time, Don’t You Think?

Cruising, an incredible technology/ events/ gaming/ computer/ science news website, I came across a new gaming article that we should all take a look at. It’s how culture is changing with gaming becoming so big. Just how big? Well, bigger than the movie industry now, and it doesn’t appear that it’s going to look back:

Newer sites like are gaming weblogs; they fuse gaming with individual stories. Recently, that site ran stories about a player named Sheyla who faked her death in a ploy for sympathy from the Everquest community; the stories linked to a story about the kind of gaming work ethic that prompted a Starcraft programmer to bring his laptop to the hospital birth of his daughter. covers Quake III like MSNBC covered the presidential election. Academics all over the country are using the Sim games to teach urban planning and financial and social interaction.

On a musical tangent:
It is a beautiful morning. Sun’s out (where I live) and taking a breather in between finals and research papers, skimming the gaming news (which I do even if I don’t need to post) and listening to what is easily one of the best 5 minute beginnings of a musical song I’ve ever heard, “The Magical Sounds of Banco De Gaia – Harvey and the Old Ones”… mixes ambient techno with tribal-like samples and just builds…. so incredibly. Buy the album after you download this tune from our good buddy that starts with an ‘N’ and ends with ‘apster’. Also look for another song on the album “Touching the Void” if you like original and very good techno-ish stuff…

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