Final Fantasy XI Wins Best MMORPG Award

RPGDot has announced the winner of their “Best MMORPG” for 2003, and the award goes to Final Fantasy XI. A snippet, as usual:

Final Fantasy XI won the award for best MMORPG of the year because of one simple thing: Gameplay. Folks who log onto Massively Multiplayer games are not looking for manipluative experiences. They’re not looking to provide their own content, or form some sort of grand new social order. They’re there to have fun. And FFXI delivers fun in spades. From the first moment in the game, the easy to find quests and engaging combat system ensures that folks who choose to tread the paths of Vana D’iel have a blast while doing so. Add to this the intriguing mission-type quests and the conflicts between the three cities, instanced housing, a fun crafting system and you have our winner for the best MMOG of 2003.

Additionally, Star Wars Galaxies took second place and A Tale in the Desert took third place.

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