Far Cry 6 Officially Announced!

Following a recent leak Ubisoft officially announced Far Cry 6 at the Ubisoft Forward show. The announcement revealed Breaking Bad actor Giancarlo Esposito in a starring role as villain Anton Castillo, leader of the war-torn island nation of Yara, a fictional Caribbean island. The worldwide trailer includes shots of riots breaking out Castillo’s – “El Presidente” – rule as he instructs his young son Diego in the responsibilities he will hold when Diego inherits his position.

All is not well on the streets of Yara

But revolution is brewing in the island nation, beset with years of economic sanctions and impoverishment reminiscent of real-world Cuba. In a grim scene Castillo forces his son to pull the pin from a grenade while telling him that his country is like that same weapon – if he does not hold it tight, it will explode. He asks his son if he is evil and goes on to say that even though he is not he always will be to the revolutionaries: “Everything you do, say, believe, will be wrong.”

As shown in the trailer, Yara is a deeply troubled tropical paradise, covered in meticulously maintained cars from the 1950s and rusted buildings which once promised a better tomorrow. The player steps into this world as Dani Rojas, who is either male or female depending on the player’s choice, against Esposito’s charismatic dictator. This makes the perfect backdrop for a Far Cry game – a fantastic villain played a beloved actor, in a setting spiraling out of control fast.

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