Fallout Retrospective

On this day that the franchise moves forward (or backwards, depending on if you like Bethesda’s iteration), Eurogamer brings us a Fallout Retrospective.

The genesis of the series lies in Wasteland, a beloved post-apocalyptic adventure by Interplay, a developer already famous for Brian Fargo’s The Bard’s Tale trilogy, and released in 1988. Elements of Fallout’s humour are evident in its colourful text descriptions (“Thug explodes like a blood sausage”, “Rabbit is reduced to a thin red paste”), and the experimental open-world setting paved the way for Fargo and Black Isle Studios to develop a much more expansive, developed post-apocalyptic dystopia for Fallout, Wasteland’s ‘spiritual sequel’, which was released almost a decade later in 1997. (Interestingly, Fargo has subsequently bought the Wasteland IP back from Electronic Arts and is working on a long-overdue sequel at his current developer, inXile. But that’s another story.)

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