Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Review

Next Level Gaming has tossed up a review of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, giving the action RPG an overall score of 68/100. Take a look:

Folks, this is probably the one Fallout game you want to think twice about. One of the reasons that I have reviewed this game so late is because I really wanted to give it as many chances as possible. I’ve had the review build as long as most of the other online sites, and I know I’m the last one to write about it. But I really like Interplay and have enjoyed many of their games. And for that, I wanted to take the extra time. But unfortunately there isn’t enough time that would get me into Brotherhood of Steel. Especially with Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance 2 right around the corner for the Xbox. And on the PS2, I can’t think of anything else but Champions of Norrath because it’s online. Fallout fans might want to rent this just for the storylines, but I really think it’s worth waiting on this one.

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